Promoting Tourism from the Centre point of North, Vavuniya

16th December 2019 at Kovilkulam Women Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society

Vavuniya acts as the connecting point for all five districts in the Northern Province. Therefore, Vavuniya has become a transit point for the travellers experiencing Northern by land. Understanding the ample opportunities of this land, EFECS project selected this district to launch its action plan in 2020. The programme was conducted with the participation of Mrs. S.Indra, Asst. Commissioner, Vavuniya in Kovilkulam Women Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society on 16th December 2019.

Kovilkulam Women Thrift and Credit Cooperative Society which is one of the strongest societies in the District has identified to carry out the model activities. While conducting the basic pilot activities in this area, we hope to provide the knowledge for the whole district using a scientific approach said Mr. Martin Mailhot, Value Chain Advisor, EFECS Project welcoming the audience.

Sri Lanka is a wonderful paradise for tourists and Northern is still undiscovered by the world, before promoting tourism, we have to understand the hidden marvels in this district where we could promote for the travellers said Ms. Harshi Abeynayake, Value Chain Officer (EFECS Project) presenting the introductory session.

Vavuniya has unique attractions blended with Nature, Culture and Adventure. Palanimale Murugan Kovil is one of the most venerated temples by Hindu community is located in Vavuniya. This temple has located on a mountain peak which can be reached after an hour of an adventurous journey.

Even for Christian Pilgrims, Vavuniya District is an important location to visit because of the famous Kalwari pathway located in Vavuniya. This location describes the Life Story of Jesus Christ from birth to death through wonderfully created line of statues.

Temple of Tooth Relic can be identified as the most venerated location in Sri Lanka which is the present home for Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha.

Madukanda Sri Dalada Viharaya, First home to sacred tooth relic…

Many years ago, Vavuniya Madukanda Sri Dalada Viharaya was the first Home to this Sacred Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha where Queen Hemamala and Kind Dantha those who carried the relic from India was rested in Vavuniya for some period of time. Thousands of people may have traveled this piece of land to worship. Therefore, Vavuniya is undoubtfully one of the most important places for Buddhist community as well explained Ms. Abeynayake.

Lake based activities at Kalnadimulam Lake…….

Nature has created wonders on earth. Vavuniya can be known as the city of lakes created by people as well as naturally set lakes. Therefore, ample opportunities are there to introduce lake-based activities such as lagoon safaris, swimming, cannoning, bird watching…etc. Kalnadimulam Lake can be identified as one of the most prominent lakes with rich biodiversity.

Due to the strong connectivity and bond with gods, Hindu religion has lots of glamorous and colorful activities as well. Kovil Functions that are frequently seen in this area are one of the attractions a tourist must experience.

Vavuniya Palanimale Kovil Festival is one of the most prominent festivals in Vavuniya. All these festivals can be promoted among the tourists, but the community must be ready to welcome the tourists providing the required facilities said Ms. Abeynayake.

A colorful video presentation about Sri Lanka was presented for the participants as an eye opening into the industry.

Manager – SANASA Insurance, Vavuniya and the Cooperative Development Officer (Vavuniya District) also attended the meeting.

After introducing the project implementation Strategy, a group discussion was carried out to observe more about Kovilkulam area and its proximity.

Ms. Thamatnam Sageny, Women Development Officer, SANASA Uththamavi and Ms. Karthika Somasundaram, Market Extension Officer, SANASA Federation and Mr. Vishwanathan Sinthujan, Market Development Officer led the group discussions to obtain the required information about the village.

EFECS plans to conduct a comprehensive Sensitivity Analysis for the identified area and map the respective locations using GIS technology in the late January 2020 mentioned Mr. Martin Mailhot, Value Chain Advisor (EFECS Project) at the wrap-up session.