Northern Tourism supports all Northern Hoteliers and Restaurant Owners to market their Digital Presence in Real North Website….

EFECS Team conducted a focused data collection campaign in collaboration with Northern Province  Tourism  Bureau  to  update  the  SME  Database  in  Real  North  Website  to  give prominence  to  the  Northern  SMEs  supported  by  the  project  among  the  national  and international   potential  travelers.   Accordingly,  124   Hoteliers  in   the  Northern   Province provided their details to be listed under the Real North initiative.

Based on the requests, EFECS Tourism Digital Team in collaboration with Northern Province Tourism Bureau updated all northern hoteliers & restaurant information including the email and web addresses.

As a result of this exercise, a comprehensive database of 124 Hotels operating ni Northern Province was uploaded to the Real North Website on 25th May 2021.  “This will be the real platform for northern tourism entrepreneurs to promote their businesses as well as to make the  market  linkages  with  the  travelers”  said  Mr.  Stanley  Mascarenhas  commending  the activity performed by the EFECS Digital Team on behalf of the Northern Province.

Accordingly, the website visitors may now see all hoteliers / restaurants details in each district page; following links are sent for easy navigation.

74 Hotels in Jaffna District are listed under the Real Stays category of the Real Jaffna Page available on

05 Hotels in Kilinochchi District are listed under the Real Stays category of the Real Kilinochchi Page available on

02 Hotels in Mullaitivu District are listed under the Real Stays category of the Real Mullaitivu Page available on

26  Hotels  in  Mannar  District  are  listed  under  the  Real  Stays  category  of  the  Real  Mannar  Page available on

16 Hotels in Vavuniya District are listed under the Real Stays category of the Real Vavuniya Page available on

All    25    connected    Travel    Agents    Details    Displayed    in    Real    North    Website    under

All 24 professionalized Tour Guide Details in Northern Province displayed in the Real North

Website under

Further, it was requested the interested SMEs to submit their package flyers to display in the site with the upcoming Real North Social Media Campaign with 25 Travel Agents.

Accordingly, 06 Hoteliers from Jaffna, Mullaitivu and Mannar are currently promoting their hotel offers on the website.