Northern Tourism launches 02 New Tour Packages to Mannar & Jaffna in collaboration with 25 Travel Agents

EFECS Project in collaboration with 25 Travel Agents in Northern Province developed

02 attractive domestic tourism packages for Mannar and Jaffna Districts in Northern Province. The packages were officially launched through on 15th May  2021  by  the  Real  North  Digital  team.  These  packages  will  be  planning  to  be promoted through social media specifically via Facebook and Instagram for the Local travelers from 01st  July 2021.

Proposed Tour Packages for Jaffna & Mannar were uploaded into the Real North website….

Triad Digital Team is planning to present the completed content plan for the selected

25 Travel Agents Social Media Channels on 01st July 2021 to boost the campaign for

03 months. Since the country situation is not suitable for the promotion,  the initial promotion will be starting as an Awareness Building Campaign.