Northern Tourism continuing the awareness building on Covid-19 among Jaffna Hotels….


The continuous spread of the Corona Virus in Sri Lanka was not able to shut down the lifestyles of the community whereas the country commenced its normal operations under precautionary actions while the vaccination process is successfully on wheels.  Accordingly,  the health authorities issued guidelines for the reopening of the hotels in Northern Province a few weeks ago.

Understanding the timely requirement of educating the safest methods from the point of check- into check-out for both Housekeeping and Front Office staff, Northern Tourism in collaboration with EFECS Project conducted a one-day workshop on safest methods of customer service and Housekeeping for Medium Scale Hotel Cluster in Jaffna District.

The workshop was organized under the approvals of MoH following the safety measures…

Jaffna is the capital city of the Northern Province receives the highest number of visitors for leisure, visiting relatives and trade purposes. Jaffna Hoteliers are mostly exposed to pandemic risk at present.  Among the hotel departments,  Front  Office and  Housekeeping are the departments that are mostly associated with guests.

The workshop was successfully conducted on  10th   July  2021  at  The  Thinnai,  Jaffna with the participation of employees from Housekeeping and Front Office Management from 20 Middle Scale hotels in Jaffna District.

The workshop was conducted by Mr T. M. R. P. Tennekoon, Senior Lecturer from the Korea Lanka school of hospitality and hotel management who is a qualified professional in Housekeeping & Front Office holding over 38 years’ industrial as well as education and training experience in Sri Lanka.

Mr T.  M.  R.  P.  Tennekoon,  Senior  Lecturer from the  Korea  Lanka school of hospitality and hotel management, explaining the impact of a pandemic for each hotel operation……

Mrs Niranjala Alex, Lecturer In Charge, Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management of Jaffna interpreted the sessions in Tamil Language for service providers in Jaffna District.

Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel  Management of  Jaffna participated in each training programme related to the pandemic preparedness lead by Northern Province Tourism Bureau by playing a responsible role in creating awareness on safety. The institute is planning to expand their services to the hotel sector next year after the construction of the proposed hotel school in Jaffna.

Mrs. Niranjala Alex, Lecturer In Charge, Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism  and Hotel Management  of

Jaffna explaining at the workshop……

The key objective of this workshop was to educate the Front Office and Housekeeping staff on the safest methods of handling the guest throughout the process from Check-In to Check-Out.

Similarly, the workshop grabbed the attention on ensuring the guest safety as well as the hotel staff safety from the pandemic while reducing the customer complaints and increasing customer satisfaction through friendly procedures.

The Morning Session was focusing on the Safest Methods of Customer Service. At the end of this session the participants were able to learn the process in view of general front office practices on safest handling methods of guests from check-in to check-out ensuring the guest safety as well as their personal safety in keeping with the pandemic, reducing customer complaints by handling them courteously increasing their satisfaction during the stay in hotel.

Participating hoteliers requested the organizers to assist the hoteliers in producing an instruction leaflet to give to the guests visiting their hotels including all key steps to follow during the pandemic time.

Few hoteliers requested to create a  knowledge circle consisted of the trained staff in the Northern Hotels to train the unskilled staff to have a sustainable mechanism in improving the capacities within the province.

“Northern Tourism is planning to create a pool of volunteer resources to conduct such training on request in next year”  stated Mr Stanley  Mascarenhas,  Chairman of  Northern  Province Tourism Bureau at the post review of the session.

Mr. Thennakoon addressing the audience…….

The evening session was focusing on the Safest Methods of Housekeeping. “I hope you all were able to learn the process in view of general housekeeping practices on safest handling methods of guests from check-in to check-out especially in Rooms & Public Areas,” said Mr. Thennakoon addressing the audience.

Korea Lanka School of Hospitality & Hotel Management (KLSHHM) which is jointly funded by the  Good  Partners and  Korea  International  Cooperation  Agency  (KOICA),  invited all  Jaffna hoteliers to make their staff qualified with their 6 months training programme conducted free of charge as a CSR project in Sri Lanka.

Korea   Lanka   School of   Hospitality   &   Hotel   Management   (KLSHHM)   disseminated the application forms and brochures for their next intake at this programme to develop the skill sets of the industry in a more sustainable manner.

Ms. Abeynayake, Value Chain Officer (Tourism) appreciating the participation…..

This programme would assist to control the outbreak of disease ensuring public safety. We must now act more responsibly to continue our businesses while increasing the customers as well as the employee’s safety and satisfaction said Ms Harshi  Abeynayake concluding the programme.

A set of participants facing for a group photo at the end of the programme….

This workshop was conducted as an initiative of Emergency Action Plan of the EFECS project with the resource participation of  Korea  Lanka  School of  Hospitality  &  Hotel  Management (KLSHHM)  and  Sri  Lanka  Institute of  Tourism and  Hotel  Management of  Jaffna under the guidance of the Northern Province Tourism Bureau to minimize the pandemic risk associated with the tourism clusters in Northern Province.