Northern Dancers are getting ready to dazzle the future sky of tourism….


Understanding  the  requirement  of  the  presence  of  more  glamourous  activities  to experience the real north culture and community, Northern Tourism in collaboration with EFECS  Project  lead  a  professionalisation  programme  for  cultural  dancers  in  Delft  and Kilinochchi in Northern Province.

Cultural Dancing Performances have identified as a one of the techniques that developed tourism destinations uses to keep the tourists for many more days. Understanding this fact, the pilot project conducted a well-planned audition to identify the skill levels of the dancers.   This   programme   was   facilitated   by   Lakshman   Manchanayaka   Dancing Academy.

Accordingly, two troupes from Delft Island  including a Folk and Nattu Kuuththu  were identified. Similarly, there were four dancing troupes selected from Kilinochchi including Varnam, Pushpanjalee, Folk and Fusion. All these Dancing troupes are duly registered under the Divisional Secretariats.

A  comprehensive  08-day  technical  training  programme  conducted  for  these  dancing troupes in Delft on 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th July 2021 at Auditorium of Divisional Secretariat and on 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th July 2021 at Cultural Hall of District Secretariat, Kilinochchi

Lectures conducted practical sessions to give a better understanding on choreography. Both Males and Female dancers joined the programme.

Participants were given the knowledge on professional stage preparation techniques used by the traditional dancers and its importance. Although the dancing societies are currently engaged with the dancing activities in a very small scale, the troupes did not have proper professional knowledge on choreography.

Designing  and  creating  the  props  required  for  cultural  dancing  was  one  of  the  key sessions of the training where the dancers actively engaged during the programme.

Since, the costume  has  become one of the  challenges for the dancers in  developing a cultural dancing act, the trainers provided a comprehensive knowledge on how to design and develop the required costumes.

In par with the developed dancing troupes performing in Colombo, a proper professional knowledge was given on the professional make ups during the training.

The brands of the make ups and the correct way of using the products were explained in detailed. Practical sessions gave a better exposure on this subject.

All cultural troupes presented few cultural dancing acts using the knowledge gained by the programme at the end of the programme.

Dancing Performances from the troupes….

A dancing troupe from Kilinochchi presenting their unique cultural dances at the closing day of the programme.

Additional   District   Secretary,   Kilinochchi   addressing   the   cultural   dancers   at   the programme…

“The  cultural  dancers  have  to  get  the  best  use  of  this  progrmme  in  order  to  present professional dancing experience for the domestic as well as foreign guests within the Delft Island”  stated  Mr.  F.  Sathyasothy,  Divisional  Secretary  Delft  Island  addressing  the programme.

15 cultural dancers from Delft Island and 45 cultural dancers from Kilinnochchi attended the programme.

Delft Cultural Dancing Troupes with the officials….

“Cultural  Dancing  is  one  of  the  unique  symbols  of  Northern  Culture.  Therefore,  the troupes should engage with these activities by protecting the traditional cultures, rituals as well as the ethics that are unique for cultural  Tamil dances” said Mr. Sri Mohanan, Additional District Secretary, Kilinochchi addressing the closing ceremony of Kilinochchi Programme.

Kilinochchi Dancing Troupes with the officials….

EFECS Project in collaboration with Northern Province Tourism Bureau is planning to introduce these dancing troupes to the industry at the end August 2021.