Mannar, Legendary Entrance to the pearl of Indian ocean….

19th December 2019 at Thamaraikulam Women Thrift and Cooperative Society

Thousands of years ago, Sri Lanka was ruled by a powerful Chakrawarthi King named Rawana. Hindu’s believe that Rama (another appearance of God Vishnu) created a stone bridge connecting the Rameswaram Island, off the south-eastern coast of Tamil Nadu, India, and Mannar Island to step into the Island.

In another words, Mannar becomes the first speaking note of tourism in the legendary notes of Ramayana steps back to historic era. EFECS project conducted its first introductory session focussing on the Mannar District on 19th December 2019 with the participation of the members of Thamaraikulam Women Thrift and Cooperative Society.

Streamlining the Tourism Value Chain in Manner District is a timely requirement because the Tourism Institutions have given a greater prominence to this area in the recent past said Mr. Chopadithya Edirisinghe, Team Leader of EFECS Project welcoming the participants.

Before entering to the Tourism Subject, we must know why tourists select Sri Lanka as a destination to visit. Beach, Heritage, Wildlife, Adventure as well as numerous cultural verities have become the major attractions for tourists said Ms. Harshi Abeynayake, Value Chain Officer Tourism, EFECS Project introducing the tourism to the Society Members.

Mannar is a famous destination for both Hindu and Christian Pilgrimage. Mannar is part of the ‘Catholic Belt’ extending from Negombo to Jaffna.

Portuguese first arrived in Colombo and established Catholicism in areas around Chilaw and further expanded their rule into Nagar Kovil, Kanyakumari and Tuticorin area. Thus, the whole of Gulf of Mannar could be called a Catholic Belt.

The ancient Madu Church is one of the ancient churches in Asia and located near Murunkan. This can be recognised as one of the major tourists’ attractions in this area said Ms. Abeynayake.

Mannar Bay is one of the most prominent attractions which is a perfect location for the adventure activities.

Mannar has the ideal sea for Whale watching.

Additionally, to the major attractions, Mannar is mostly preferred by the travelers for Sea Foods. Dry fish verities have made mannar a competitive market.

It is believed that Mayadana, farther of Queen Mandodaree who was the wife of powerful king Rawana has created this temple thousands of years ago as per the Mythical stories related to the Indian epic Ramayana.

Another source of legend mentions that the temple was created by the planetary king god Ketu to worship God Shiva. However, Thiruketheeswaram can be promoted among Hindu travellers visiting Sri Lanka for pilgrimage as well as for research.

Kunchikulam bridge is another attraction which can be promoted as a man-made attraction in centuries ago.

Ruins of the House of Governor Fedrick North also can be seen in this District.

Thalei Mannar bridge and the Mannar Light House are another scenic hot spot for the travelers.

Mannar is full of natural wonders such as bird sanctuaries and rich biodiversity.

Green forests and zig zag water ways dropped across the forests have created natural paradise for animals.

Undoubtfully the best sun is visible for the Mannar District due to the undisturbed eye line from all sides of the bay.

A creative video on overall tourism attractions in Sri Lanka was presented after describing the unique attractions in Mannar District.

A group discussion was conducted to identify the unique attractions in the surrounding areas.