Jaffna emerges as a vibrant Tourist Destination with the participation of a colorful community

05th November 2019 at Ezhalai Sri Vinayakar thrift and Credit Society, Ezhalai West, Jaffna

The 2nd Introductory session of the EFECS Tourism Value Chain Development activities were conducted in Northern Province, Jaffna District on the 05th November 2019 with the participation of Mrs. Karina Turgeon, Programmes Manager of Développement International Desjardins (DID). Introductory session was conducted in Ezhalai Sri Vinayakar thrift and Credit Society, Ezhalai West, Jaffna which is one of the strongest Societies in the District.

Chairman of Ezhalai Sri Vinayakar thrift and Credit Society welcoming the forum……

Mr. Mahadevan, Chairman of Ezhalai Sri Vinayakar Thrift and Credit Society explained about the formation and the history of the Society during and post war era presenting his sincere gratitude for the Founder of SANASA, Dr. P A Kiriwandeniya in his welcome speech.

Active Participation of the Society Members…….

There were Thirty-Three members participated for this programme to obtain the basic idea about the project and the Tourism Industry of Sri Lanka.  Mr. Subramanium Subesh, Manager SANASA Development Bank, Jaffna Branch and representatives from Kilinochchi Branch also attended the forum to facilitate the mission. Ms. Thamatnam Sageny, Women Development Officer was represented SANASA Uththamavi at the forum.

Ms. Harshi Abeynayake, Value Chain Officer (Tourism) and Mr. Viswanathan Sinthujan, Market Development Officer, EFECS project introducing the Sri Lanka Tourism….

Jaffna is the district most visited by the tourists in the Northern Province due to the availability of developed infrastructures and amenities. Yet, the tourism has not been distributed in the rural areas and limited only for the city limits.

Ms. Harshi Abeynayake, Value Chain Officer (Tourism) described about the tourism potentialities and the opportunities in the country to develop tourism using examples from other provinces.

Mr. Viswanathan Sinthujan, Market Development Officer, EFECS project assisted in translating the contents into Tamil Language for the convenience of the audience.

Introducing the project, Ms. Abeynayake stated that the project aims to support the development of Micro, Small and Medium Scale Entrepreneurs in Tourism in the Province. Her presentation further elaborated the key features of the country attracted by the travelers such as beach, wildlife, adventure, festivals and many more niche segments. Also, the potentialities in promoting Ramayana Sites as well as the Film Tourism in Northern Province was highlighted. She stated that there are number of Indian films have been shot in Jaffna and this segment has a great potential to attract more foreign travelers. 

Video presentation on Sri Lanka Tourism….

With the intention of delivering descriptive video experience, 15 minutes length of a video produced by Sri Lanka Tourism Promotions Bureau was presented at the forum.

Way forward of the Project…

The key focused areas in the value chain as well as how the community should be engaged with the project was briefly explained and the regional connectivity of the project was presented at the project implementation session conducted by Ms. Abeynyake.

Importance of implementing the project through the 6As Approach and the nature of actors under each category was introduced at this event with examples.

Jaffna Attractions captured by Lovingly Sri Lanka Documentary telecasted in Rupavahini Channel

A video on Jaffna Tourism Attractions produced by Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority was presented to create top of the mind recall about the possible attractions in the province.

Unique attractions located in Jaffna District have been captured by the documentary.

Understanding the village better….

Ms. Thamatnam Sageny, Women Development Officer, SANASA Uththamavi and Mr. Vishwanathan Sinthujan, Market Development Officer, EFECS Project conducted the group discussions to obtain the required information about the village.

The forum was successfully concluded ensuring the committed collaboration of the community to drive the project forward.

EFECS team requested the society to get interested people involved for the project and invited them for the Focused Group Discussion to be held in December 2019 after developing the village plan.