Introducing potential tourism opportunities for Mullaitivu District for sustainable community development.

Northern Province (Mullaitivu District), 04th November 2019 at Kaadda Vinayakar Thrift and Credit Society, Mulliyavalai East, Mullaitivu.

EFECS Tourism Value Chain Development activities were launched in Northern Province, Mullaitivu District on the 04th November 2019 with the participation of Mrs. Karina Turgeon, Programmes Manager of Développement international Desjardins (DID). Introductory session was conducted in Kaadda Vinayakar Thrift and Credit Society which is one of the strongest Societies in the District.

Chairman of Kaadda Vinayakar Thrift and Credit Society welcoming the forum……

The Chairman of the Society explained the importance of introducing the Tourism Activities for the community level and welcomed the team of EFECS to Mulliyavalai, Mullaitivu.

He further elaborated that this would be a new initiative which has the capacity to uplift the economy of the community in Mullaitivu District. 

Active Participation of the Society Members…….

There were twenty-seven members attended the forum and obtained the basic knowledge about Tourism Industry as well as the community tourism concept. Officers of the Kilinochchi and Chunnakam Branches of SANASA Development Bank (SDB) attended this forum. SANASA Uththamavi which is a company focusses on the women empowerment in regional level played a key role in the session identifying the potential women entrepreneurs in the society.

Ms. Harshi Abeynayake, Value Chain Officer (Tourism) and Mr. Viswanathan Sinthujan, Market Development Officer, EFECS project introducing Tourism for Mullaitivu Cooperative Community…

Northern Province is an emerging tourism destination and Mullaitivu District is still an undiscovered area for tourists. Yet, the district is rich with nature, culture and beach attractions. Therefore, the Tourism was a new concept among the community in this area.

Ms. Harshi Abeynayake, Value Chain Officer (Tourism) explained about the Tourism Value Chain with a descriptive presentation highlighting the industrial trends and opportunities.

Mr. Viswanathan Sinthujan, Market Development Officer, EFECS project presented the contents in Tamil Language for the convenience of the audience.

The presentation included the brief introduction of the Project, the key facts of Sri Lanka Tourism Industry and the potential tourism offers of the country such as beach, culture, heritage, wildlife, authentic cousin and adventures. The niche segments that can be promoted in Sri Lanka such as Ramayana Trail, Film Tourism and Wedding Tourism were attracted by the audience.

Video presentation on Sri Lanka Tourism….

An attractive video presentation on Sri Lanka tourism was played after the introductory session refreshing the mindsets of people into tourism. This video contained the best attractions of Sri Lanka and their importance for the tourists.

Way forward of the Project…

Project Implementation Strategy was explained by the Value Chain Officer to make the audience understand about the way forward of the project.

In this context, the importance of participation of the community under all identified six elements of the value chain (Attractions, Accessibility, Accommodation, Amenities, Activities and Awareness) were explained.

Getting ready for a collaborative mission……

Ms. Yogarajah Vibeeshana, MSME Officer of SANASA Uththamavi, Ms. Karthika Somasundaram, Project Extension Officer of SANASA Federation and Mr. Vishwanathan Sinthujan, Market Development Officer, EFECS Project steered three group discussions to understand the tourism potentials in the village.

Women were actively engaged in the discussion and shared their knowledge about the district to move the project forward.

The forum was successfully concluded ensuring the committed collaboration of the community to drive the project forward.

EFECS project expects to conduct the next focused group discussion with the interested and existing tourism entrepreneurs in the area after the development of a sustainable model for the village in terms of developing tourism.