Integrating the digital pursuits within the northern province for a better promotion of tourism and investments in the post pandemic rejuvenation…….

03-days workshop organised by Northern Tourism Bureau in collaboration with EFECS Project and Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing

26th, 27th and 28th July 2021 from 9am – 4pm in Jaffna District Secretariat IT Division

Digitalisation  has  transformed  the  traditional  roles  of  tourism  producers  and  consumers,  with new  roles,  relationships,  business  models,  and  competencies  are  emerging.  These  shifts  have created  new  opportunities,  as  well  as  challenges,  for  tourism  SMEs  as  they  strive  to  meet consumer   demands   and   reach   new   markets.   Understanding   this   requirement,   Northern Province  Tourism  Stakeholders  in  the  private  sector  was  given  number  of  capacity  building workshops and they have shown a considerable improvement during the post pandemic era in their digital presence. The private sector stakeholders those who have obtained the knowledge from the programmes, used to be more engaged with the Social Media and Websites for their business development purposes.

With  the  objective  of  integrating  the digital  pursuits  within  the  northern  province  for  a  better promotion  of  tourism  and  investments  in  the  post  pandemic  rejuvenation  by  improving  the capacities   of   existing   ICT   officers   in   the   Government   Institutions   in   Northern   Province, Northern Province Tourism Bureau in collaboration with EFECS Project and Sri Lanka Institute of   Marketing   conducted   a   03days   workshop   for   the   officers   engaged   with   ICT   for   the government  officials  in  the  Northern  Province.  Northern  Province  Tourism  Bureau,  Northern Province  Department  of  Cooperatives,  ICT  Divisions  of  05  District  Secretariats  and  other selected   tourism   related   line   institutions   in   Northern   Province   were   participated   this programme. The programme was held on 26th, 27th and 28th July 2021 from 9am – 4pm at the ICT Unit of District Secretariat, Jaffna.

Northern  Province  Tourism  Bureau  in  collaboration  with  EFECS  Project  launched  “The  Real North” initiative in September 2020 with the intention of boosting tourism and investments to Northern Province under the guidance of Hon. Governor. A line of activities carried out in terms of  Training,  Digital  Promotions  as  well  as  content  creations  to  promote  the  province  among global  and  local  travellers  and  investors.  was  launched  in  February  2021  to create a common platform for all tourism stakeholders in Northern Province to grow together in the  post  pandemic  rejuvenation.  Parallelly,  all  District  Secretariats,  Cooperative  Departments and  other  related  institutions  also  conducting  various  digital  and  social  media  activities  in Northern Province in terms of promoting themselves through their individual programs.

“It is very happy to see the engagement of Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing towards the capacity building  of  Sri  Lankan  Community  as  they  have  a  pool  of  professionals  in  the  field  of  Digital Marketing  from  various  parts  of  the  country”  said  Mr.  Mascarenhas,  Chairman  Northern Province Tourism Bureau making the welcome speech on the inaugural day.

The programme was conducted by renowned digital marketer Mr. Sharanyan Sharma who is an award-Winning  Entrepreneur,  Digital  Marketing  Trainer,  Ecommerce  Consultant  –  FORBES 2000 & Fortune 500 Listed Companies representing Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing.

This programme was enabled to improve the knowledge on Website and social media (FB & IG) for a better promotion of Tourism and Investment in Northern Province.

Group engages in the practical session during the programme…

The importance on having updated contents regularly based on the activities happening within the district, institutional network was highlighted by the trainer.

Participants obtained a better knowledge on practical aspects of uploading contents and social media  promotions.  Ultimately  the  participants  obtained  a  detailed  knowledge  on  integrating Digital Activities within Northern Province using shared contents and regular updates.

The  three-day  workshop  included  theoretical  Sessions  on  Website  Development  and  social media, Practical Sessions on Uploading Contents and Conducting Digital Promotions and Group Sessions on preparing live websites and social media campaigns. The programme provided the knowledge  on  Monitoring  and  Evaluation  of  Digital  activities  to  generate  better  ROIs  and prepare annual digital marketing budgets for institutions.

Official from Northern Province Tourism Bureau and Department of Cooperative Development presenting the websites created by them to the audience.

At the final session, the team prepared a website as well as the related social media sites using the knowledge provided by the trainer during this programme.

Official from District Secretariats presenting the website created by the group at the final session.

Teams presenting their websites and social media platforms….

A  panel  of  judges  including  Mr.  Stanley  Mascarenhas,  Chairman,  NPTB,  Mrs.  Kamalawathie, Assistant  Director,  District  Secretariat  Jaffna,  Mr.  Yoga,  Management  Assistant,  Northern Province  Tourism  Bureau  and  Ms.  Harshi  Abeynayake,  Value  Chain  Officer  EFECS  Project evaluated the final presentations.

“I  must  take  this  opportunity  to  thank  most  of  you  who  engaged  with  the  EFECS  Pilot Programme  conducted  in  Northern  Province  from  November  2019  as  we  are  winding  up  the pilot phase on 30th  September 2021. I’m extremely happy that there are lots of institutions in the province  are  ready  to  sustain  the  best  practices  delivered  by  this  pilot  programme.  Today programme  is  one  of  the  best  evidence  for  your  future  engagement  of  the  development  and promotion of Northern Tourism” said Ms. Harshi Abeynayake, Value Chain Officer (Tourism) of the EFECS Project delivering the vote of thanks.

Participants facing for a group photo at the final session…