Real Activities

The cultural identity (i.e., dance, music, art, traditional medicine etc.) of the village has the opportunity to connect with local level and international level with tourism by making linkages. The existing cultural-religious surrounding is part of viewing of religious monuments and artefacts, a branch of sightseeing. Religious sightseeing can be motivated by any of several kinds of interest, such as religion, art, architecture, history, and personal ancestry. As a result of that ability to promote existing religious-based tourism vicinity to main attractions; with publicity and introducing vibrant activities such as;

  • Vattrāppalai Kannaki Amman Kōvil
  • Bird watching with wide variety of water birds including pelican, cormorant, herons, egrets, wild duck, stork, waders, pink flamingos, boat service
  • Murugan Kovil in Kumulamanai – Viewpoint, photography
  • Uttankarai Sithi Vinayagar Temple – Natural spring and pond, bathing area