Real Experiences

Handloom Centre

A cultural and economic centre where the locals are being offered employment to earn a good living. Most of the workers are differently abled and these handlooms are of high quality and they are sold at an expensive price back in Colombo boutique shops. Handloom weaving clothes have been in production in Sri Lanka even during the times of Lord Buddha. The chronicles state that on the day of Lord Buddha’s death, a banished prince from India arrived on the shores of Sri Lanka where the prince met a local princess called Kuveni, who was the daughter of the King and she was weaving handloom clothes at the time. Visit the Kilinochchi Handloom centre to witness one of the oldest clothes production processes in the world.

Toddy Centre

One of the iconic drinks in the Kilinochchi area (along with several other areas) is the Palmyra toddy which is extracted directly from the Palmyra tree and drunk without adding any artificial preservatives. Therefore, this is one of the purest of drinks that one can have as it is 100% natural. The toddy is extracted into a clay pot to make sure that the drink does not react to any metal containers.