Real North

When it comes to history, it is not the destruction and tears brought by the 33 years old war, but the beautiful monuments rich in culture coming together to make their distinct marks that will last until the end of time.

People think it is just pain and hurt, when in reality, its smiling faces vibrant colour, distinct tradition, 

It was once a rich peninsular that was destroyed, affected by a cruel war… but the natural colours are hidden beneath the ashes.

It is the largest province of Sri Lanka comprised of five multi-coloured districts entering through the great historical gate of Vavuniya. It is the sound of wildlife in the Real Mullaitivu; It is the sound of the surf in the Real Mannar; It is the vibrant cultures in the Real Vavuniya; It is the hustle and bustle of the Real Kilinochchi; It is the experiences that we create in the Real Jaffna.

One can feel the Dutch architecture in most of the Jaffna islands. Can you guess number of islands the North has? Believe it or not, there are 25 islands spread around the province with calm and beautiful scenery unique to the North. Most islands are connected by short sea journeys, with the biggest of them being Delft, where wild horses and Dutch heritage left by the occupancies a few centuries ago are still prevalent. After more than 300 years later, the horses still live on the island.

It is said that the magnificent coastline of Mullaitivu has been used for trade activities by the kings who occupied the Jaffna Kingdom thousands of years ago.

The Mullaitivu seaboard is a gorgeous beach portion where sunrises and sunsets can be seen.

At the ancient meditational hub of the Northern Provinces…

Unique to the North, the culture has Southern Indian roots, untouched heritage which gives comfort to a few sanctuaries. The religion is mostly by Hinduism but the people live in harmony and peace with other cultures and religions. The Real North awaits to offer you Real experiences in your travels.